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life is beautiful: El Pepe Reina Show @ EURO 2012


A big GRACIAS to my girl Jennie for translating all these. Each player title is linked back to her post so you may reblog. I made this page for reference :)

Player #1 (Iker Casillas): “The man who is a living legend in this country. He has won it all. He has defended these colors to the death. He is not only an example as a football player but as a person. I have been blessed to have spent seven years with him and the only thing I can say is that I keep learning from you Iker. I love you and you deserve this. Number one … IKER CASILLAS!” — Pepe Reina

Player #2 (Raul Albiol): “With the number two, a sausage named Raúl! A person who is all truth and all heart. Where are you Raúl? Don’t hide yourself with the hat. The talent scout of the team.” — Pepe Reina

Player #3 (Gerard Pique): “With the number three, wait who’s number three, oh, Pique. Measuring in at 192, blonde hair, blue eyes, beard and here I wait for you. With the number three the heart throb of Spain, best defender in the world … GERARD PIQUE!” — Pepe Reina

Player #4 (Javi Martinez):

“With the four, from the lands of Bilbao. Do I talk of you as a man or a player? ‘Whatever you want.’ As a football player, the muscle of Spain I have already said that since the World cup. Steals, takes, the muscle, steals more goals, puts it in, pressures, cuts. As a person, damn well, as a person FARANDULERO! You are a Farandulero man! With the four … JAVI MARTINEZ!” — Pepe Reina

Player #5 (Juan Francisco): “The number five, we have taken him out of the racetrack. He has the face of a gargoyle, you give him a jersey and the number five and he is Juan Francisco, the lung of Atleti Madrid, yes sir, an applause for Atleti Madrid as well. Come down here, put down your drink, let’s see how you look. Lightning McQueen, you may also know him as Lightning McCqueen! Wait he want’s to say something. ‘Long live Spain, I am a Spaniard, I am a Spaniard, I am Spaniard.’ Long live the drunkenness!” — Pepe Reina

Player #6 (Andres Iniesta): “With the number six, the best player of the Euro Cup. The man who all of Spain loves, the one who has reached the hearts of all the Spaniards! A marvel of a human being even more than a football player. The great … ANDRES INIESTA!” — Pepe Reina

Player #7 (Pedro Rodriguez): “With the number seven, can I have a rum with coca-cola. The bachata of Spain, let’s dance you and I! You like to dance, oh you like to dance. The Bachata of Spain, the Zamba … ‘Good evening to all of you, we are very happy to have achieved this title, to have made history, and how Andres said to see these faces of happiness which for us is very important. That’s it. Nothing more. Long live Spain!’ With the seven … PEDRITO!” — Pepe Reina

Player #8 (Xavi Hernandez): “With the eight, he already has 100, how many has it been? 100 - no that’s a lie, 106? 116? 108? 108 games with the national team. He has played for Spain since he was 4 and a half years old. The man who orchestrates this team, the man who makes us play real football … XAVI HERNANDEZ!” — Pepe Reina

Player #9 (Fernando Torres): “With the nine, my brother of the Red. With the number nine, the Pichichi of the Euro Cup, with big balls. The boy of Spain. The man who began it all with a goal in Euro Cup during 2008 and the one who closed it with an assistance in 2012. The My brother, my friend … FERNANDO TORRES! I love you monster.” — Pepe Reina

Player #10 (Cesc Fabregas): “With the number ten. At your discretion, I have to say that he progresses adequately. The truth is that every time he get’s even better. How many goals have you made? Two. And with the penalty, three, the penalty which he put in. With the number ten he left home for a while and he acquired a great and important future. Now he has returned to what was home, to Barceolna. And he will be in the Spanish team for many years. With the number ten of Spain … CESC FABREGAS!” — Pepe Reina

Player #11 (Alvaro Negredo): “With the number eleven the authentic beast of Vallecas. The black beast. The Tank. The authentic phenomenon … ALVARO NEGREDO!” — Pepe Reina

Player #12 (Victor Valdes): “With the number twelve, we know each other since we were children. We have gone through good times and not so good times every now and then. But I care for you and we get along bitching well no matter what they say. The panther of the fowls, the reflexes, the power, and the character and of course I mean myself. With the number twelve … VICTOR VALDES!” — Pepe Reina

Player #13 (Juan Mata): “With the number thirteen, the golden foot. The last goal scorer from this team of legends. The man who shaved this afternoon, and you shall see it. With the number thirteen, the goal scorer … JUAN MATA!” — Pepe Reina

Player #14 (Xabi Alonso): “With the number fourteen! Come on already. The majestic. More then 100 games with the Red, champion of the Liga, Champion of Europe, Champion of Europe with Liverpool. Man introduce yourself, it embarrasses me. ‘What?!’ Introduce yourself, it embarrasses me. You’re a big man, introduce yourself. ‘No. No. No.’ You don’t have words, do you, because you’re a little drunk? With the number fourteen of Spain, the majestic … XABI ALONSO!” — Pepe Reina

Player #15 (Sergio Ramos): “With the number fifteen, another year of remembering our beloved Antonio Puerta. From Camas. For me in this day and age, and I hope the other’s can forgive me, the best central defender in the world. He has it all: speed, good with his head, good with his right, good with his left, good with his center, he’s a phenomenon. From Camas my brother … SERGIO RAMOS! Sergio Panenka Ramos, you truly have to have them big to throw them how he threw them.” — Pepe Reina

Player #16 (Sergio Busquets): “With the number sixteen, where is he? There he is. The octopus of Abadía. My right eye in the red. The vinegar of Busquets. The son of Mister. Sergio Del Bosque Busquets but more commonly known as the octopus of Abadía. Steals, cuts, plays, makes you play, the control and creativity of Spain. With the number sixteen on his back … SERGIO BUSQUETS!” — Pepe Reina

Player #17 (Alvaro Arbeloa): “Number seventeen. SPARTAN! ‘Spartan’s what is our profession?!’ With the seventeen, a piece of a football player who has grown with the years. He has now made himself irreplaceable in Real Madrid and the Spanish Team. Which is a lot to say. With the number seventeen of Spain … ALVARO ARBEOLA!” — Pepe Reina

Player #18 (Jordi Alba): “With the number eighteen, he’s fucked cause I have no idea what to say. With the number eighteen, with all my respect, not even Lorenzo or Pedrosa, the machine of Spain is this boy. The revelation of the Euro Cup. The scurry of Spain, since childhood … JORDI ALBA!” — Pepe Reina

Player #19 (Fernando Llorente): “With the number nineteen, the worst player of poker in the Spanish team. For me what he has of height he also has as a good person. I swear to you on my life I have never met a person with more integrity and nobility in the world of football. I love him like a brother and with nothing but sincerity I say it. The number nineteen of the Spanish team … FERNANDO LLORENTE!” — Pepe Reina

Player #20 (Santi Cazorla): “With the number twenty, come here. With the number twenty another one who I have a predilection for in this team. For me he is one of the players with the most quality in the world. He hasn’t played much, but hey listen up, you’re always on my team just so you know. ‘I know.’ It’s good that you know. With the number twenty, from Asturias, with all his grace, with his height, and with his amazing quality as both a human and football player. My friend and brother … SANTI CAZORLA! — Pepe Reina

Player #21 (David Silva): “With the number twenty-one, Luis Enrique! One of the players of the night, an extremely important player for Spain. He doesn’t want me to call him Pony, but it is what it is. He’s going to say, the magician of Arguineguin what it’s like to make a mark in a Euro Cup final being a legend. ‘I feel what all of Spain feels. I feel happy for begin a legend with this entire group. The truth is we won’t know what this feels like in a few years. Hopefully we can enjoy it with all of you during this time.’ With the number twenty-one … DAVID SILVA!” — Pepe Reina

Player #22 (Jesus Navas): “With the number twenty-two, the crazy Pajarillo, the nerve of Spain, the player who runs the most in the entire world. The good, the great friendship and above all else the drive of Spain. With the number 22 … JESUS NAVAS!” — Pepe Reina

Player #23 (Pepe Reina): “With the number twenty-three, coming from Córdoba. With an art and a swag that no-one else has. With an art that is unbeatable that only a don named Pepe Reina can have. With the number twenty-three because WE ALL LOVE HIM AND HIS NAME IS … PEPE REINA! And god bless you my brother, and god bless your bald head my brother, because I love you. AND BECAUSE LONG LIVE SPAIN AND BECAUSE WE ARE ONLY AND WE ARE THE BEST! AND WE HAVE BALLS!” — Sergio Ramos

Vicente Del Bosque: “Mister. Mister? Where is he, oh we don’t know where he is. The conductor of the Spanish team, Don Vicente Del Bosque. The patient man. The humility of this country. I don’t know if I’m wrong and I’m pretty sure I’m not but he’s the only manager who has ever won a World Cup, Champions League, and a Euro Cup. A big round of applause for DON VICENTE DEL BOSQUE!” — Pepe Reina 

Andres Iniesta’s Speech: “Good evening to all, I just want to say two things. I feel very honored to be part of this the team of legends, because they are one and only. But more than anything I am blessed to see the faces of happiness with us. In these difficult moments, for us that is a blessing in itself of happiness. Long live Spain! And long live Funtealbilla!”

Iker Casillas’s Speech: “Hello, hello to all of you, good evening. Thank you very much Pepe for this introduction to our esteemed public. Well, honestly thank you very much to all of you. For me it’s an honor to be able to captain this team where I believe there is not only great players but great people. And in all honesty for me it’s the greatest of pleasures to be able to be here with all of you and give you all such happiness that comes with winning a Euro Cup. We have been fortunate enough in the last four years to have won two Euro Cups as well as a World Cup. Thank you all for being here tonight. Keep believing in us!”

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