I’m not afraid to play the role of Christian Grey. Because I’m not like him. But I perfectly understand him. I never thought that he was a monster. He is simply woven from desires. As every one of us.”

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"You are one beautiful woman, Anastasia. 
And you’re all mine." — Christian Grey

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Jamie Dornan as Joe in Shadows in the Sun

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#we don’t know the story behind these hallucinations #we don’t know how they both became human again #maybe they won’t even address that question #maybe they won’t tell us #BUT SHE CHOSE #SHE FINALLY CHOSE #and i’m not referring to choosing between the brothers #i’m referring to choosing stefan because there’s no one else #not really #she got to decide how she wants to spend her life and she decided to spend it with him #she grew up #she got older #she probably went to college #got a job #there were probably other guys #hot guys cute guys guys she has something in common with like she did with aaron #she obviously got away from the supernatural world and got to live her life as a human #she could have gone anywhere #she could have met anyone #but she didn’t #she stayed with stefan #she married stefan #she had children with stefan #and that’s the thing #when she said it’s always going to be stefan she didn’t lie #it didn’t mean that he’s the only guy she’s ever going to love or sleep with or have a relationship with #it didn’t mean that she’s going to choose him every time #it meant she’s going to choose him when it matters #and she did #in some alternate universe when she had more choices than she ever did in reality she chose to be with the person who was there from the beginning 

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omg kill damon

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"men and women express grief differently"

- Paul Spector.

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